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Rare Summer Flowers

Rare Summer Flowers

There are more than 270,000 species of flowers in existence, some like roses or carnations are incredibly popular and you see them at flower stores all over the world.  But what about those more exotic rare summer flowers?  The ones that take a lot of love and care to grow, where can you find those?  If you love exotic buds then let us show you some very rare summer flowers you won’t find in any old garden.

Parrot’s Beak

This rare flower was already classified as exceedingly rare back in 1884 and today it is thought to be extinct in the wild, although there is always the possibility that there are still some left out there.  The plant originally grew in the Canary Islands and it was pollinated by sunbirds which have since become extinct.  Scientist have tried to introduce other means of pollination but none have worked.  Hopefully this is not the end for this rare flower.

Ghost Orchid

Ghost orchids are pretty interesting, not only did we think them extinct for 20 years and now they are back, this plant is nearly impossible to propagate.  The flower doesn’t have any leaves nor does it use photosynthesis for food.  It requires a very specific type of fungus near the root system in order to get nutrients.  This flower can live for years underground and you’re only going to find it in either Florida or Cuba.  They are only pollinated by the giant sphinx moth and then only if their seeds land on a specific moss.  It has some of the most specific growing conditions of any flower on the planet thus making them incredibly rare yet fragrant and beautiful.  Here is a look at the flower blooming.

The Corpse Flower

What a horrible name for such an amazing flower.  Found in the rainforest in Indonesia the Corpse Flower has flowers that are three feet in diameter and up to six feet in height, they look like something from a futuristic science fiction movie set.  The Corpse Flower is the world’s largest and rarest of all the summer flowers.  It has no stem, root or body and it is completely dependent on a vine for support and as a food source.  It is name the Corpse Flower for the pungent odor it gives off, it may be exotic but it does not smell like a rose.  The scent it does give off will attract plenty of flies and beetles that will pollinate it.  The flower has a lifespan of about seven days before dying off.

Garden Design

Garden Design Software

Garden Design Software

You may not have the first clue how to make your garden look better, or even where to begin.  Design may not be your forte, but you still want your property to look good.  The simple solution to this is to grab some garden design software and you can see what your garden will look like before you even plant a single flower.  Before you log onto the internet looking for garden design software there are a couple of things you should know.

It won’t do the job for you

This is a common mistake that many people make, you can just plug in the dimensions of your garden and poof it comes up with the perfect garden.  Many software packages will have some done for you design ideas you will still need to understand some principals of design.  Without it you will have a hard time using the software in the manner you want.  Trials take the time first to learn the principals of landscape design first.  There are plenty of free tutorials out there on YouTube or some garden design websites.

Pros and Cons


You don’t need any artistic or drawing skills at all.  You can create a play for your garden complete with 3 dimensional views and you can make changes really easily if you don’t like a particular feature.


There is a learning curve, you will have to take the time to learn the software first before you can get to the good stuff.  You are also going to be limited to the amount of templates in the software.  The program is not going to design a garden for you, it is going to need your input.

Laying out the Plans

Ideally you want a rough draft of what you want on paper, it doesn’t have to be well done it isn’t going to be part of a presentation it is just for you.  Once you have something tangible that you like then you use the software so that you have a 3D model to look at.  Make sure that you take the measurement of your garden, you don’t want to create the perfect design and then find out your yard isn’t big enough.

All of your plants and features have to work together, when you change one aspect of your design it can affect the whole thing.  Your garden design is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces need to fit exactly right.

Garden Design

Make Your Property Beautiful with a Rose Garden

Make Your Property Beautiful with a Rose Garden

Getting your garden just right can be incredibly frustrating, it takes a lot of time and attention to get the design just right.  Landscape companies will design and create gardens based on the tastes and budget of the client.  You can have your garden as simple or as complicated as you choose it to be, remember the more complicated it is the more time you will have to spend in the garden.  How you layout your plants and the type of plants you choose are all part of garden design.  How long do you plan on staying in your home, if this is going to be a long term home then you can devote more time to your garden, you can make your property beautiful with a rose garden.

Adding Value to Your Home

Proper landscaping doesn’t just make your property look good it also adds value to your home.  Making improvements to your property adds value in two different ways.  Firstly, improving your curb appeal adds to the resale value of your home.  Secondly and perhaps most importantly it allows potential buyers to understand that your home is well maintained and if they make the purchase they won’t have to deal with repairs because you were a responsible home owner.  All of that is well and good but it is not the most important reasons you have a garden.

Gardens are what make your home unique and put your own mark on your property.  Aside from factors that you can’t control like climate and soil your own style will show in the color, type of flowers and the companion plants you put in the garden along with the roses.  There are many different types of roses, that come in a rainbow of colors and you can turn your property into something that your neighbors will envy.  There is a reason that people prefer roses over the many other types of flowers.

Here are the steps to putting together a rose garden:

If you head to your local nursery they are a good resource to find the right type of roses that can be planted in your area.  You can even breed your own roses to get different colors.  You really do have a wide variety of choices that you can incorporate to your own style.  Plan out the garden and make a rough sketch of how you want your space to look.  If your talents don’t lay in sketching then try some garden design software.